Here are my own projects I’ve built or I’m maintaining. They aren’t in a specific order. Some were made to solve a problem, some just for learning purpose and some assignments or homeworks of vocational school.



An Elm implementation of the popular pomodoro timer.


A command line client implementation to print pages from tldr-pages in Golang. A very cool project to collect most used command line parameters of nearly every command line client program out there. Very handy in day to day usage.


This is a code quality tool to ensure that your files respect the definitions of the .editorconfig-file inside your projects. There is a core written Go: editorconfig-checker

And I’ve currently finished one language wrapper in JavaScript: Editorconfig-checker.javascript

The PHP implementation still uses its own implementation, but I will finish the wrapper soon: Editorconfig-checker.php


This is a NodeJS implementation to start a web search in your default browser where the search engines are extensible via a simple configuration file.


A NodeJS URL-shortener which saves the URL’s inside a MongoDB. This is also the first project where I used docker and Travis-CI.


This is a terminal todo application written in Haskell and was made with lots of love and the motivation to build my first real usable Haskell project.


An implementation of the Unix cat command in Haskell. This was a project just for learning purpose.


A multi-user password manager written in Java. I’ve tried to use domain driven design and tried to write a generic repository in this project which was a homework assignment.


This was a weather station which was the outcome of a school project. Sadly I didn’t have the Arduino part which posted data to a Golang API which can be found in the code. This was my first Golang project and it was a lot of fun.
I’ve build the frontend with ReactJS and used ChartJS to display the data.


This is a motion detector which was also a school project. An Raspberry PI got connected to a webcam and ran the motion daemon which can be configured to take videos or pictures when something changes in the picture the webcam is looking at. I’ve build the frontend with Elm and it was the first time I was using this language and fell in love. :) The rest are just some bash scripts and a simple PHP-based API receive the images from the frontend.