The Complete Mouse by Art Spiegelman

15 Feb 2017 . category: books .
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The Complete Mouse by Art Spiegelman

I just finished The Complete Mouse by Art Spiegelman by Art Spiegelman. :)

The first part was first published in 1976 and the second part in 1991. It is a great graphic novel about a father who tells his son the story of his world war two experiences. The son is Art Spiegelman by the way, so he tells the story of how his father Wladek told him his story. Wladek and his wife Anja were polish Jews and experienced the whole persecution of Jews from the beginning to the end. It is a really great graphic novel and while Wladek tells about his experiences it feels a little like you are experiencing it yourself right now. The Jews are pictured as mice, the Germans as cats, the Polish as pigs and the American as dogs, which is very well chosen as I think and when the mice were pretending to be polish they were wearing pig masks. It was great to see how Wladek does the right thing nearly every fucking time, it was a lot of luck to - of course. Everywhere he found someone who can and does help him, but he had also a lot to offer. The fun part is to see how Wladek suits exactly into the typically Jew like the Germans are imagined the Jews, like doing commercial operations every time and everywhere and be greedy. As an old mouse he don’t throw away anything, pick up every little thing he found and could be used to whatever, he even goes to the supermarket to give back open and leftover foods. But after such an experience I can imagine that you don’t want to throw away food or something else which was impossible or very hard to get at the time in the war. Wladek also had prejudices against black people, he thinks they are all thieves.

So I can REALLY recommend this fantastic graphic novel to everyone.



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