Die Welle by Kerstin Winter

12 Feb 2017 . category: books .
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Die Welle by Kerstin Winter

I just finished Die Welle by Kerstin Winter. :)

It is the book according to the movie which was released in 2008. I don’t know if there is any book in English about that so I could only link the German one. I rushed through it in round about 3 days. It has only 160 pages and was easy to read and very exciting. If you didn’t know about this experiment, you should read this book! It tells the story about an experiment in a California school. A teacher manipulates his students with strict discipline to became an similar group of people like in the National Socialism. This experiment is lasting 5 days and on the last day he show their students the parallels between them and the National Socialism.

This book is so close to the movie as it could get. So if you already have watched the movie you will not get anything more out of this book. But if you haven’t I could recommend this book.



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