Vim is nice!

15 Jun 2016 . category: tech .
#editor #unix #linux #terminal #programming

I’ve currently started using vim which is really pleasant. I also switched to neovim quickly. Neovim is basically vim with some useful default settings.

I could recommend that you use vimtutor to learn the basics and additionally read this good peace of book VimLikeAPro

I had to laugh sometimes when reading about some features because I really didn’t expect that they are in vim and especially right out of the box. My favorites of them are code completion even from various buffers and copy/paste registers.

What is said nearly everywhere is that you have to learn to move well in vim, and this is really true. Only if you could move well you have the cow powers of vim. Of course you can do without, but than you could use every other editor instead of vim.

I’m currently in the beginning of getting used to vim, but I try to use it every time and I really like it. Sometimes I had to think about how the ‘command’ is done what I want to achieve or have to do a quick google search. But like all new things this is total normal at the beginning, the more you do and try the more you know automatically how to achieve your wanted goal.

I think you need a while to really know the most stuff you need about vim, but even if you don’t know this all vim is useful and makes your editor experience a lot better.

Another really advantage is that it is installed on nearly every unix system or easily can be installed. Than you only need your dotfiles and have your complete configuration and you can work like usual. It is running in a terminal so you can use it on servers or other computers where you connect over ssh. No gui needed, so it is also fast. Use terminal commands(!), make specific keymappings for specific filetypes like save and compile in one step etc. You could also use specific key-mappings for every mode of vim (insert, visual, etc) and also specific per filetype like save and compile on a specific keystroke etc. There are no limits to your creativity.

Just try to start using vim, if you don’t like it or it’s features you could cancel it anyway, but you should at least tried.



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