Animal Farm by George Orwell

13 Apr 2017 . category: books .
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Animal Farm by George Orwell

I just finished Animal Farm by George Orwell by George Orwell. :)

It was published on 17 August 1945 in England. It is a relatively small book with just round about 115 pages, so it is a quick read. I’ve read it not in a single sitting but on one day.

It tells the story of a farm called Manor Farm where the animals are rebelling against the human dictatorship with hard work and little food. After they’ve won they changed it name to Animal Farm and created seven elementary laws they wanted to live on from now on. The seven elementary laws are like:

  • Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
  • Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
  • No animal shall wear clothes.
  • No animal shall sleep in a bed.
  • No animal shall drink alcohol.
  • No animal shall kill any other animal.
  • All animals are equal.

They also had a song which they sang every Sunday together “Beasts of England”. After a while pigs emerge to do the brain work where the others following them and there expectations. It were two pigs who mainly argue about the future of the farm and disagree about every point they made and in the end a vote of all animals decided which way to go. It went well for a while but then the one pig chases the other away with dogs he trained. From then on all decisions are made in private without the public and the one pig started to rule over all other. The elementary laws were changed slightly after time for example No animal shall sleep in a bed becomes No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets - and in beds only pigs are sleeping of course. Or No animal shall kill any other animal becomes No animal shall kill any other animal without cause and so on. It then broke down to one rule: 4 legs good 2 legs bad. Later it emerged to 4 legs good 2 legs better. Also the song was forbidden because the revolution were done. The pigs ruling over the others which are doing the whole work. In the end the farm gets even renamed back to Manor Farm. All who were against the ruling of the pigs were executed.

The last rule that ever existed there is a rule everyone has heard of:

All animals are equal
but some animals are more equal than others

This whole book was a pleasure to read, it doesn’t need long to get into it and the fact that all characters are represented by animals is fun to read. The story referenced the Russian revolution of the early 19th hundred. What I liked the most was the representation of the pigs and how they manipulated the other animals were they were able to. They altered the laws, invent enemies to create hate, published false values of the productivity and all kind of stuff. In the end it is like before with the human dictatorship, but now dictated by pigs, for the other animals. But the good point for the pigs is that the other animals don’t remember how it was under the human dictatorship and believe mostly what they were told, so they think everything is better than before.



Max Strübing, human.