Look Who's Back by Timur Vermes

01 Jun 2016 . category: books .
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I just finished Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes. :)

My first thought on that book was ‘Nah, that can’t be good’. But to my surprise it was great! I got really into it. I’m German so possible I get some things generally different than others who are not German. :)

The whole book is really odd and not the typical ‘If Hitler were here it would be much better’.

It tells the story of Adolf Hitler who is ‘reborn’ on a backyard in Berlin and become a comedian start.

He is really serious about all what he is saying, but all people around him are thinking that he is just a comedian and it is all satire. So it comes that he got more and more famous, he got an own TV-show, homepage and so on. The really fun part is when the people are not only seeing him as a comedian, they also think he tells the truth in his performances. They love what he says and think it is right and this is like we are back short before 1933. :) And of course he is really serious about what he says, so nice misunderstandings are resulting from this. Also interesting is that all he says is fitting in our actual situation. His relationship and thoughts off the current nazi movement are really funny and he didn’t like them and they also didn’t like him too.

So the people are going to love him and if he would be a real political person the people would also vote for him. People are always saying it isn’t possible that a new Adolf Hitler arises, but as you can see in this book, even it is only a novel, it could be possible.

I watched the movie directly after I finished the book and for me the movie was disappointing.

I often compare movies to books if they exist, but mostly I first watch the movie and love it, then I read the book and love it and watch the movie again and hate it. :)

Of course the movie has funny parts, but it is nothing in contrast to the book. They didn’t only left parts out, they also change the whole story a bit. If it is better or not is a matter of taste of course, but I find it not as good as the story of the book. I must also admit that I laughed my balls off on a scene where they are referring to downfall.

So all in all I could say that it is not one of the best books to read, but definitely one which is worth reading and give you some hours of fun.



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