The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow

26 May 2016 . category: books .
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I just finished The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow. :)

I liked this book very much - some pages were boring but they are really really rare.

In short what is it all about? About the war on drugs in America/Mexico and covers round a bout thirty years.

I’ve firstly bought The Cartel from Don Winslow, which is the successor to The Power of the Dog, which I sadly didn’t know at the moment of buying, but fortunately at the moment when I started reading. I’ve read the first pages and then thought: ‘Nah, I have to read the first one first’. Sadly the first pages show me a little bit of what characters will be survival in the war on drugs - but this effectively made the last chapters less exciting because there were some little things which I knew were not happen.’

The book covers also the rise of new mobsters and fall of old ones. I like this kind of gangster stories where you follow someone from his early steps to his powerful moments and also the fall to the bottom.

Cool is that the book is switching the narrative perspective between persons, good(police/dea) and bad(drug cartels etc.), gangs and countries, even to a priest and a prostitute. What you didn’t expect is that all of them get connected sooner or later. You get used to any of the characters and think every time of what he can do at next or will happen to them. Some things were cut from the story at first, but only to make it more thrilling because you get to know what happened later.

The story is also really real as some events happened in reality, and if you ever watches some mob documentaries or movies you know that this is how it is possibly happen in reality.

So four you: buy this book and read it!
For me: read the fucking successor!



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