The First Bad Man by Miranda July

16 May 2016 . category: books .
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Hey folks,

I just finished The First Bad Man by Miranda July. :)

I must admit that it is a really great book, one of the best I’ve ever read. I really don’t know how often I was thinking What the fuck? while I was reading this book, it have to be many times. The story gets creepier and creepier you more you read. But not that kind of unrealistic, it is realistic all the time. The characters in this book are well chosen and does exactly as much as they need to do, not to much so you get bored but exactly as much that you have the chance to think wtf. :)

Phillip and his relationship to Cheryl, and later to this other girl, Clee, the gardener, the both psychotherapists and their relationship together, all good wtf stuff. Often I didn’t know if this is really happen in the book or it is only in her head. And you get an idea how fucked a mind can be.

Really, I don’t want to spoil or something, but it is really a great a book and should be read by anyone. At the back of this book is written:

It’s a book that must be read, a book that must be purchased - in duplicate - one for you, one for a friend. Don’t think you can loan this book - you’ll never get it back
- A. M. Homes -

And that is exactly like I would see this.
So for you: buy this book and read it!
For me: buy more books from her and read them!



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